Unconventional Dental Care Regimen

Fighting tooth decay and gum diseases have always been done by strictly following orders from affordable oral surgeons, and cleaning the oral cavity with dental care products. The ever-reliable toothbrush and floss are the most effective means of cleaning and maintaining your dental health. This doesn’t mean that you have to stick to these tools though. There are plenty of new ways to keep those pearly whites healthy. You can add these tools or uncommon practices to your dental care routines every day.

Here are some odd and surprising dental care tools that are far from the usual yet delivers the same effects.

Indian Curry. Curry might be a familiar and tasty food experience but it also comes with a toothpaste flavor. It has anti-inflammatory agents and is a good painkiller which makes it a good ingredient for toothpaste. If you like curry as food, you can try it out as a toothpaste.

Raspberry Mint. This toothpaste is a good alternative for menthol or the regular tubes. If you feel like plain toothpaste is boring, you can try out this fruity flavor.

Bacon. They always say that everything is better with bacon. Well, a dental floss is now flavored with bacon and it does all the floss function with a hint of bacon. This helps take out all the stuck food particles and enhances the gum tissues. This will definitely help you avoid gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Finger-mounted Toothbrush. This product is a simple yet effective brush that can fit your fingers. It is made out of transparent plastic material.  It fits snugly on your fingers which can help you brush your teeth anytime and anywhere you are. You won’t have any excuse not to brush your teeth when you carry this around.

Copper Tongue Cleaner. Bacteria in our mouth are mostly in our tongue than in our teeth. This product is a pre-curved copper device that thoroughly cleans the surface of your tongue that mouthwash can’t wash away. This job is usually done with a toothbrush or a tongue scraper but the copper material of this product makes it more durable and last longer than the plastic ones. Because it’s copper, you won’t have to change it every 3 months like other cleaning products.

These products aim to encourage and complement your current dental care routine. Some may be out of the box and weird but you can’t blame the manufacturers for trying though. Inadequate knowledge and skipping dental care regimen contributes to tooth decay and gum diseases in children and adults. This may be one reason these products are developed. One way of making children and adults engaged in dental care is to increase their curiosity and develop an interest in dental health.

For people who take dental care seriously, these products may be far from your daily dental necessities. There are lots of variety and functionally surprising products in the market waiting to be discovered. You must not get nervous or afraid to try new products or practices to enhance your dental care experience.