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Our emergency dental staff can connect you to a dental professional and provide instant pain relief for most all your dental needs.

You do not want to spend time finding somebody who will not answer the phone during an emergency. That is why it is good to know ahead of time who to call and we are a  great choice because we have dental professionals available that we can provide in your area. Our phone representatives in most cases  respond 24 hours a day to your call and  can assist you in finding local professionals to assist with your  issues. We service the Columbus Ohio & surrounding areas so call us now for more information. (614) 364-4462

Dental emergencies rarely seem to occur during regular hours. For example, what if you  chew into a bone and chip your tooth? What if you lost a filling? Perhaps your child falls from his or her bike and knocks out a tooth. Maybe you get up with extreme tooth pain  and you need help right away? Figuring out who you can call during  one of these emergencies is important and we’re completely satisfied to offer sufferers with emergency care.  If need be, we’ll even provide a remedy to ease your pain over the phone.  We offer flexible appointments and we’re open on evenings and weekends. Thus, if you have an emergency  dental issue  do not hesitate to call us now.

Remember that dental emergencies could involve  enamel which may have been knocked out, loosened or fractured. In addition your lips, gums or cheeks may also be cut. The majority of oral injuries can typically be painful and should be treated by a dentist as quickly as possible.

And it is important to note that even a  half-hour could make the difference between saving or loosing  a tooth so it is best to immediately call your dentist for an emergency appointment.  And while you are getting to the office,  hold a  loose tooth by the crown, not the base (the part of the tooth below the gum). This is important  because you may harm cells which might be important for bone re-attachment.

Other injuries that may effect the mouth can be  puncture wounds and lacerations to the cheek, lips or tongue. It is best to clean the wound right away with warm water, and transport the injured individual to a hospital emergency room for care. Tongue bleeding could be stopped by pulling the tongue forward and applying pressure to the wound with a clean cloth.

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