Kitchen Spices that Boosts Your Oral Health

Since ancient times, herbs and spices were used to address simple to complicated issues of your oral health. Modern science may have developed synthetic cures and treatments but the humble spices can still deliver and be as effective. Different spices can offer cleaning, healing and preventive effects of bacterial infections.

These cooking aids can offer a wide array of dental health benefits if you decide to give them a try.


Cinnamon. This aromatic spice is usually used in baked goods and desserts. They are rich in calcium which is good for strengthening your teeth and jaw bones. It can also give you mild pain relief in case of inflammation. Cinnamon has long been used as teeth whitener for children and cleaning agent for the teeth and gums.

Cloves. These are very common in Indian recipes. This spice is a good pain reliever and can cure ailments like headaches and asthma. Clove oils are also sold in drugstores as a potent treatment for toothaches just by using one drop. It also fights bacteria through its strong antibacterial component called eugenol. This kills plaque-forming bacteria and prevents tooth decay.

Coriander. Corianders come mainly from China and are well known in America as cilantro. This spice cleans and heals your mouth effectively. It works on sores, mouth ulcers, and other infections quite well.

Goldenseal. This herb can be found in the wild along North America. The bererine found in goldenseal can fight microbes, viruses, and fungi. The extent of its effects can be felt from your liver to your stomach while gargling. It boosts your immune system that you would be able to fight gum diseases, mouth sores, sore throat and other infections of your mouth. This helps oral tissues to heal faster and gum tissues to tighten up giving your teeth a strong foundation.

Licorice Root. This plant is technically not an herb but a legume. The licorice root has been used in Chinese medicine for many years. Studies also show that it disrupts the production of the enzyme of plaque forming bacteria to clump together. It also protects the gums from periodontal diseases.


Thyme. This simple herb has thymol that is a very effective antiseptic and antifungal compound. It is an active ingredient that protects your teeth and gums from bad bacteria. Thymol is also an ingredient used in mouthwash that makes it an effective cleaning agent for your mouth leaving you with fresher breathe.

These spices are readily available and can be used together with other spices with the same health benefits every time you cook or decide to make your own mouthwash. You can take comfort in the fact that your dental health issues can be treated with natural spices in your kitchen that are proven to be as effective as medicines. Eating these kinds of spices would add an extra layer of protection to your dental health regimen that would save you from visiting your best dentist in Columbus Ohio often and added costs and the threat of tooth decay and gum diseases.