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An orthodontist is a dentist with advanced curriculum and specializes in the understanding and treatment of dental alignment, correction of malposition and malocclusion, and guides the development of the bones of the face

A good orthodontic treatment will provide you with a more beautiful smile, better function of your teeth, reducing wear, ease in cleaning your teeth, long-term oral health,  and facilitate the implementation of other dental treatments and improved self-esteem of your facial appearance.

What are the benefits of good orthodontics?

As a general rule, it can be said any time of life is good to start a treatment that will improve your oral health. For skeletal problems, a local orthodontist in Columbus Ohio can perform the treatment in growing children from 4-5 years of age. From this age orthodontic dental treatments can board at any time of life. In case you need  Columbus emergency dentist visit during this time you would still see your regular dentist unless something with the apparatus is the issue.

When are braces needed?

If you have one of the following characteristics should consult your orthodontist:

– Very prominent upper incisors (“buck teeth”)

-Upper incisors fully covering the bottom (overbite)

– Upper incisors behind the upper (anterior crossbite)

– Upper teeth on the inside of the lower (posterior crossbite)

– Upper incisors not contact the lower (open bite)

– Crowded teeth

– Habits of thumb sucking, lip or objects

– Difficulty in chewing

– Very worn teeth

– Existence of gaps between teeth (diastema)

How to detect if you need braces?

The duration of orthodontic treatment is extremely variable depending on the severity of the case. Generally, the average treatment is completed within 24 months. Bone treatments in growing children last about 12-18 months. Orthodontic-surgical treatments in adults or any other cases of great difficulty can be extended up to 30 months of treatment.

How long does orthodontic treatment?

The answer is no. When tooth movement begins, it stretches fibers and ligaments of the tooth. This determines certain discomfort for 3-4 days, mainly during chewing. Usual anti-inflammatory agents may be taken but as a general rule, with bland diet intake those early days is sufficient.

Do braces hurt?

Every orthodontist patient should be individualized for periodic review plan according to their needs. Customarily, you must perform monthly reviews.

How often you should visit the orthodontist?

Orthodontist specializes in correcting misalignment of the teeth. While anomalies may occur in your mouth, you will keep seeing your local Columbus dentist regularly to perform cleanings, fillings or other dental treatments.

Should I keep visiting my dentist for orthodontics?

The phases of orthodontic treatment are one that takes place in two different time slots. The most common are those used in young children in which in a first stage corrects the bone, and after a period of rest, when the replacement tooth is complete, then begins the second phase of the alignment of teeth.

What is a phase orthodontic treatment?

When you finish orthodontic treatment you then enter the retention phase. Abrupt withdrawal of equipment without any containment can lead to relapse of poor position of the teeth. You should always set a retention period that indicates the orthodontist to stabilize the teeth in their new position.

What should I do when I finish my treatment?

After this is over you may live a completely normal life. For risky sports (judo, football, hockey, basketball …) we recommend the use of mouth guards to protect the device and the integrity of the teeth, lips and cheeks.