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At emergencydentalcolumbusohio.com we give you the best dental remedies for your tooth aches and other dental needs. We offer you on-call services that you can always count on, any time at any day. Just give us a ring and we can help you find a professional 24 hour dentist in Columbus Ohio that can offer you solutions for your dental problem.


A lot of patients already now this as we successfully gave them trusted solutions for their dental problems. Whether you suffer from simple tooth decay or an advanced periodontal disease, just call us and we’ll be there every step of your way!


Once you give our 24-hour service a ring, a doctor will be there to meet you in no time. While you wait, we can provide you temporary solutions for your toothache to make your situation more bearable.


Finding a good doctor is very challenging considering the mere existence of fake doctors today. However, you can always trust us. Our doctors can handle any types of dental problems, from simple to severe. Just let us know and we can immediately give you list of best dentists in town!


So if you suffer from a dental emergency, it pays to call us instantly. Our emergency dentists are all credible and can handle your dental difficulty. Our dentists have wide experiences when it comes to this. And if you’re away from home, don’t fret. We can always find ways to provide you appropriate solutions.


We have a network of professional dentists in Columbus Ohio. These are skilled dentists that can treat any sorts of dental emergencies, like tooth trauma, cracked tooth, and a broken and decayed tooth. From identifying the root cause of your problem down to the best solution for it, you can ensure your issue is as good as solved once you get there as your injury will be fixed and any possible infections are resolved.


If you kid is in pain due to a dental problem, we can also lend a hand to that. Dental problems experienced by kids are often caused by poor habits, like eating the wrong foods. Once you notice your kid is eating a lot of candies, you can call us immediately! We can set an appointment for you and make sure you get professional advice from a qualified dentist.


Moreover, if you think there’s something wrong with your tooth filling, you can also seek help from us. Our dentists are here even during the wee hours! So if you want to overcome your tooth pain, you can call us and get the best 24 hour dentist in the area.


Dental problems should be taken seriously. They require immediate attention to avoid any infections from growing. If your dentist in on your way, you can visit a local pharmacy for pain relievers. Remember that tooth pain shouldn’t be overlooked.

24 hour dentist columbus ohio

There are lots of emergency dentists today. But when it comes to convenience and accountability, we’re on top!


We have a team of dental emergency specialists that can look at your dental problem and our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We have  state-of-the-art facilities that can solve and cure your dental problem. These dental facilities are all manned by licensed, professional dentists who work in different specialties in dentistry.


If you have a tooth emergency, you can contact our on-call staff. Just dial (614) 364-4462 and you’ll be assisted by one of our professional 24 hour dentist in Columbus Ohio!


Telephone: (614) 364-4462