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There are Emergency Dentists and oral surgeons and that might make you wonder what the difference is between the two doctors. We can understand that since they seem to carry a similar set and overlap. As to the functions of these dentists, the both use the same techniques involving both penetrating the tooth and tissue of the gums in order to rebuild or repair the damage. As such, there are some differences between the oral surgeon and a dentist.

A simple example can be taken from a body which has a lesion in the mouth which may result in losing the tooth’s, gums, tissue and bone. We all know that injuries of mouth are very painful and it causes a lot of anxiety about how the damaged area can be successfully rebuilt. When you finally arrived at the hospital emergency room, you will enter the long process of repair. The oral surgeon and dentist all cooperate to reconstruct your mouth and get you back to normal by using their own particular training and technical systems and conjunctions. At some point you may need the services of an orthodontist to make sure that your teeth are well guided throughout the process of healing. Each dental specialist can contribute something to the overall goal.

The oral surgeon will ensure that the replacement of bone is back in place by using high tech equipment and X-rays. Because this is a very delicate procedure, it is more than just important that antibiotics are used to acclimate to your system’s body on receiving the new bone and prevent it from infecting the body. The oral surgeon will ensure that the operation is performed correctly and will take care of the deepest level of the gum and tissue issues. The process of your body replacing old bone with new one is always long, which takes several months. This makes a base that is strong enough to receive an implant.

oral surgeon Columbus OhioThe dental implants are within the gum tissue and form part of the basis of artificial teeth to adhere to it. The reason why it is important that titanium base is used because the property metal fuses with the bone easily. When this metal is implanted in the body bone grows around it and adheres to it as if the bone itself. Some of the oral surgeon’s responsibility is to install titanium implants in the bone graft after the mouth has healed.

It will take another several months before actual replacement teeth can be attached to the implant. The implant is placed so that the false tooth can be screwed firmly on it. Dentist has the function of the teeth design, matching the color and the shape of the base of the teeth and molds taken throughout the process. The information collected by dentists is sent to labs where the teeth are actually false. Dentists have the task of laying the false teeth into the implant and double checking the final result to make sure the patient is happy and comfortable with the prostheses.

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