Implications of Pot Smoking to Dental Health


While a lot of us have strong liking with candies and sweets, there are also those who are with pot smoking. The fact alone increases the rate of dental problems across the world. Of course, we all know that bad vices post a threat to our dental health which might lead to serious medical conditions, like heart disease and cancer. Thanks to our lovable dentists who are always there to support our dental needs.

There are two types of vices – good and bad. While the good behaviors promote healthy life, the latter cuts and end lives! Bad vices, like tobacco smoking and excess alcohol consumption are two of the most common vices in the world. Regardless of age, men and women have strong addiction with these habits. Considering the adverse effects given by these habits, there are still individuals who defended their favorites and stressed that such vices are wholesome to their health. Unfortunately, everything has its own downsides. The common downside of pot smoking is its risks of contributing dental problems to our teeth.

Pot smoking or popularly known as cannabis smoking is the inhalation of smoke coming from flowers, leaves or marijuana. Marijuana is known as a powerful herb. It can treat various illnesses which makes it very addicting to expers and health conscious peeps. However, physicians discovered the threat of this growing if used improperly.

In the past decades, a lot of people proved the advantages provided by marijuana. That is why it is one of the most famous herbal medicines in the entire world. Although it is named illegal, many of us still used this and find it very favorable. Despite the laws implemented, marijuana remains as the safest drug. The statement is proven by a reliable source of information. For proper info, the most perilous drug displayed on the market is alcohol. The rank follows with heroin and cocaine. For this reason, countless individuals remain impressed to this good herbal without realizing its threats to our dental health.

Based on studies, alcohol is four times dangerous compared to marijuana. Although this herb is the lesser evil, this doesn’t change the fact that marijuana and pot smoking impose higher risks of dental health. Gum disease or periodontal disorder is the famous living proof to that.

Gum disease or also known as periodontal disease is the condition of affecting the tissues supporting the teeth. This dental problem is the number one enemy of pot smokers. Findings proved that majority of habitual pot smokers who are at the age or before the age of 32 are suffering from periodontal disease. This is obviously due to cannabis smoking. Experts and analysis unearthed that non-pot smokers have healthier gums compared to habitual pot smokers. This is due to an examination conducted to 903 individuals where most of pot smokers have issues with their gum tissues compared to non-smokers.

Although there are several treatments for gum disease nowadays, it’s wise to use marijuana sensibly. Besides affecting the tissues surrounding your teeth, periodontal disease is proved to cause bone shrinkage if left ignored and disregarded. As dentists continue to study more on pot smoking, they encourage pot smokers to take a slow on this habit. With several facts given about marijuana and smoking, surely you already know the risks associated with these products.

While you decide to slow down with marijuana, we cannot deny the perks of this growing plant.

Needless to say, there are numerous countries that are legalizing marijuana. At present times, there are 16 states that are using weeds lawfully for medical purposes. The growing plant is indeed advantageous to most patients who are suffering from pain, epilepsy and glaucoma. Moreover, marijuana is unearthed to cure Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome, a dental problem that talks about popping or ticking sounds in your jaw. Other medical issues treated by marijuana are anxiety, multiple sclerosis, HIV or AIDS and any types of cancer.

There are also studies that verified that marijuana is effective in using as part of chemotherapy. This eases the chronic nerve pain and is best used in reducing discomfort.

Because of the pros and cons of marijuana, it’s extremely difficult for government authorities to decide whether to legalize the growing plant or otherwise. With this, our 24 hour dentists advocates wise usage of the this herbal plant and should only use this if strongly needed!

Marijuana can be acquired in various forms. For users, you can use the herb in a pill form, lollipops and vaporizer. These are all available in different pharmacies. To maintain excellent health while pot smoking, marijuana smokers are advised to visit a dental care provider often. Furthermore, they should consider eating healthy foods and consume more water to help cleanse your teeth from unwanted substances found in marijuana.