Famous Dental Issues Faced by Famous Folks

Dental problems are known as one of the leading causes of fatality. No wonder why even celebrities and influential people are advised to get regular dental checks with their dentist. Unfortunately, stereotyping dentists as scary individuals affect the patient’s perception to dental care and dentists.Famous Dental Issues Faced by Famous Folks

There are several reasons to overlook dental health. One common reason is dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is the fear of facing dentists or accepting any rightful treatments from them. Aside from causing stress, dental anxiety promotes dental problems. This is proved by the famous Abraham Lincoln.

Based on research, dental anxiety is triggered by various reasons. The factors include red hair, fear of dental drills and trauma. Lincoln sadly experience the latter. Thanks to his previous dental experience where a dentist carried out a failed tooth extraction due to lack of anesthesia which causes his jawbone to break. Due to this, Abraham Lincoln delivered his own sedation dentistry method.

Another example is John Adams’ lisp. Research shows, John Adams is one of the most promising American presidents. Aside from his dedication in helping the United States for huge improvements, he’s the one responsible for declaring Independence. Unluckily, he’s not as dedicated in visiting our  24 hour dentists in Columbus. Despite the risks associated of dental neglect, John Adams continued to follow bad dental habits which obviously increases his chance of getting dental problems. Not to mention his obsession with tobacco and cigars.

The predicament caused his teeth to fall out. Although there are dentures available, John Adams chose to embrace his fate of living with lisp. A lisp is a speech problem. The dilemma causes you to experience difficulties in speaking the letters – s and z.

Ronald Reagan is also a common example that can prove that dental issues are perilous. Aside from being a former actor, Ronald Reagan is America’s 40th president and is clearly is the best example as a TMJ sufferer. Although the condition affects mostly women, Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome happens to anyone wherein the jaw joints, facial muscles and nerves and surrounding tissues are at stake!

These are examples on why your should learn and practice good dental care. The process doesn’t just improve the teeth’s health but also your general well-being.