Enhance Dental Care thru Crew Resource Management Protocol

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Protocols are made to prevent human errors and conflict. This is generally done to various establishments, places and even inside your home. Despite the difficulties of maintaining this, we can’t deny the impressive perks of protocols to each one of us. After all, no establishments succeeded without these. For example are the airline companies.

Airlines aren’t just about pilots and planes. It’s also about the crew and countless passengers. To achieve a smooth and safe flight, pilots along with other crews and passengers apply protocols. The most typical and prevalent rule is the Crew Resource Management protocol. This technique is used to trim down possible human errors to attain a safe transportation.

While this protocol serves a great purpose to airline companies, our 24 hour dental clinics think this might also be a good start for them.

Dental offices are intended to address various dental hardships. Unfortunately, research unearthed that one of the most common faults experienced by patients aren’t tooth decay, cavities and such but “human errors”. Because of this, dentists and other dental experts utilize the CRM protocols.

Crew Resource Management is a protocol that improves interpersonal communication as well as leadership and decision making. The protocol involves an array of approaches to prevent and reduce human errors.

Let’s put it this way, dental offices are treated as the airplane. This is consists with a pilot which is the skilled dentist and a dental hygienist which clearly is one of the crews. To achieve a smooth dental appointment or visit, the dentist should man the plane to help the patient realize a good dental care experience. While the captain or the dentist does this, the other crews ensure the patient a comfy and tension-free care all throughout his journey.

Since Crew Resource Management is an added protection to patient’s welfare, the dentist and dental hygienist will determine early signs of errors before everything falls out of their hands. Although flying a plane is different from handling a patient inside a dental office, the philosophy of this protocol is pretty similar and can be applied by dentists too!

Surely, dental care is a good head start for achieving a wholesome dental health. With CRM, dentists and dental hygienists can deliver a proper dental care with reduced errors and complications. Needless to say, to have a smooth journey, patients should also abide with regular consultations. Research shows, individuals must see their dentists at least twice a year. This way, they both can prevent and avoid future dental problems that may cause chaos to the overall wellness.

Majority of dentists nowadays are pretty convinced to Crew Resource Management. With dental technology today, this protocol can be a good venue for smoother and successful dental care. You see, just because dentists use innovative equipments, doesn’t mean they are free from faults. Remember that high-end technology usually entails higher risks.

For patients, be as cooperative as you can be with your dentist. And as for dentists and dental hygienists, CRM can be an onset for an efficient dental care.