What is the CRM-Based Dental Care Checklist?

What is the CRM-Based Dental Care Checklist

Most individuals know about the use and importance of dental care. From home-care tips down to professional dental assistance, these dental approaches are means for achieving healthier life. No wonder why these are well-considered by kids, teenagers and adults.

Regardless of age, gender and race, emergency dental Columbus Ohio said dental care is an absolute method that could secure both dental health and general health.

Since we all are informed about dental care and how to use it; did you know that even dentists have a list too? Yes, even your personal dental buddy dental care checklist. This is used to deliver the care to their patients and reduce human errors. The commonest dental care checklist is the Crew Resource Management based list!

The Crew Resource Management process first started at airline companies. This is applied mostly by pilots and their crews for a safe transportation. In 1979, the NASA conducted a workshop where the flight crews are trained to improve air safety and minimize human errors that cause fatal crashes. Since this training technique garnered impressive results, majority of flight crews applied this method. Due to this, the tactic evolved as the safest form of transportation.

Basically, the CRM process focuses on enhancing the communication, leadership and decision making of flight crews. As a result, the team becomes proactive during the entire flight. When emergencies arise, the crews find it easier to respond considering that CRM process involves a number of multilevel approaches which focus on information and equipment. As years passed, many professional pilots unearthed this technique as the best mean to determine errors as early as possible.

Despite the evident difference of flying planes to handling dental patients, the philosophy resembles and can be applied. Research shows, the CRM-based dental checklist is covered with five areas.

Appointment Review is an area that works on the medical or dental background of the patient. This features the patient’s history of allergies, medication and dental anxiety as well as the procedures conducted during the visit. The primary goal of this phase is to construct good communication between the team and the patient.

Before Procedure is also a step where the entire dental team communicates with the patient. The patient is informed about how the procedure works, including the possible discrepancies that may occur.

Procedure Implementation is also part of the five areas. This phase updates the patient about the procedure as well as the changes that may develop.

Before Dismissal is a phase where the dental team reviews the procedures that have implemented inside the dental office. This is the stage where your dentist will give instructions regarding oral hygiene practices, proper nutrition and medications for fast recovery.

After Dismissal completes the five CRM dental checklists. This requires the dental team to add new information to the patient’s file after getting a treatment. Usually, this involves follow up procedures and issues that arise during the procedure, such as equipment failures.

The CRM-based dental care checklist is now used by most dentists. Other than supporting the patients, this list guides the dental team to achieve a successful dental treatment.