Why Endolase Laser Stands Out?

Image of dental checkup being given to a woman by dentist with assistant near by


Dental lasers promote a painless delivery of dental treatments. Aside from fighting gum disease, dental lasers can correct infection of root canals without experiencing excess bleeding, infection and pain. This type of dental laser is called an Endolase laser. This advanced dental laser is less invasive, painless and requires less time in the dental chair! Clearly, this is highly suggested for dental patients with anxiety.

What to love from Endolase Lasers?

This laser is loved by many because it resolves root canal infections with ease. No wonder why it is one of our  dentists in Columbus Ohio most utilized tool. The positive feedback of this device heightens because of its unique design. It features an energy that radiates from EndoTips, a device that is two to three times wider compared to a human hair. It comes with a pin-point precision that can remove infection from your root canal.

Based on research, these clean, shape and disinfect root canals. The laser energy extracts the infection, kills the bacteria and preserves your tooth’s structure which clearly is different from conventional ways of treating root canal infections.

Endolase Lasers promote long-term results. Root canal infections often require endodontic re-treatment.  This happens if your tooth doesn’t heal after the first treatment. There are several reasons why this happens. Number one is if your dental crown cracked which causes another wave of infections to penetrate. Next is if the roots are contaminated.

Endolase laser reduces potential risks of endodontic re-treatment. Thanks to EndoTips system. This is designed and developed to eradicate and kill hidden bacteria.

The most common type of bacteria that induces endodontic re-treatment is Enterococcus Faecalis. Such bacteria are known to keep on reappearing despite the endodontic therapy given to your infection. However, with an endolase laser, you are ensured they won’t come back. Endolase lasers are considered by dental professionals as 99.7 percent effective in reducing bacterial counts!

In accordance with research, they can extract bacteria in two to three minutes. This is different compared to the traditional way of removing infections. Traditionally, it takes 20 to 30 minutes to remove the root canal infection. They are also less painful, way more comfortable and promote no bleeding.

If you want to avoid possible bleeding and infection after root canal treatment, you can always consider the Endolase Laser. Just make sure you are working with a credible dentist. A good dentist ensures a perfect success rate of this treatment.