The Correlation of Dental Health & Heart Health

Dental health is known as a window to your overall health. This fact remains as the strongest reminder to all of us about the use and importance of dental care. Therefore, if you have poor oral health, your chances of getting general health issues, like stroke and heart disease are high.

There are several dental problems that could contribute to general medical conditions. Just like how cavities relate to diabetes and obesity.

The Correlation of Dental Health & Heart Health

With the need to prevent dental problems from transpiring, oral hygiene is there to save you. To our 24 hr dentists, oral hygiene is a preventive technique of dentistry. This can ward off dental problems, like tooth decay, cavities and periodontal disease. Other than protecting teeth, oral hygiene secures heart health.

Oral hygiene is a known technique of reducing dental plaques. Dental plaques are known components that are proved to cause and increase the likelihood of heart issues. Plaques are the waste byproduct of bad bacteria. This is considered as a sticky film that attacks the teeth and enamel. Dental plaques have 400 types of bacteria. The best way to eliminate this is daily flossing and brushing. These hygienic acts improve oral health and reduce the potential risks of severe dental problems and heart-related issues.

Correlation of plaques and heart health is due to the bacterium found in dental plaques. The said bacterium creates arterial plaque that induces heart attack.

Recent studies show that frequent brushing and flossing both enhances oral health and heart health. This is proved based on the 19 percent increase of developing heart issues caused by lack of brushing and dental flossing on a daily basis. The arterial plaque caused by the bacteria found on plaques is the primary cause of the issue. No question now about the heart health’s relation to oral health and dental plaques.

Just like other issues, dental plaques may develop if left ignored. The severe form of plaques is popularly known as dental tartars. Dental tartars are difficult to remove through brushing and flossing. This requires a dental visit and professional teeth cleaning. Professional tooth cleaning is done in a single visit. It removes plaques, dental tartars and other food traces which expose teeth from cavities.

Dental health is as important as your heart health. If you consider the welfare of your heart, you must start practicing good oral hygiene. To help learn about dental care, visit your dentist twice per year.