Several Side Effects of Diet to Oral Health

Most of us are aware that obesity is an intricate and complex problem. As outlined by experts, almost 70% of adults seek smart diet to lose weight. Apparently, it’s not that easy to shed pounds. Number one reason is, obviously, who hates eating? Most individuals nowadays have great attachment to eating which leads to uncontrollable eating behaviors. As a result, obesity commenced. Obesity has been associated with several oral problems, we here are now this.

Several Side Effects of Diet to Oral Health

Obviously, obesity is the effect of uncontrollable eating. This problem can generate a number of dental problems, including bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay. Thanks to those who are in favor on smart dieting. Smart diet prevents obesity from inviting dental problems; of course, with the ample amount of dental care regimen and regular consultations to dentists. Dental problems less likely exist to those who practice wise diet. This practice involves healthy eating and good oral hygiene, such as daily brushing, dental flossing and regular dental consultations.

In terms of smart diet, there are plenty of things to consider. The most typical approach of limiting carbohydrates is eating whole grains, veggies and fruits. Unfortunately, this method enhances halitosis. Similar with the above-cited tactics, proteins are reported as the best source to burn fat. One reason is to produce energy. However, this compound carries an undesirable effect to our mouth. Experts dentists proved and verified that protein increases odds of oral problems. Consuming protein produces stinky compound which may accumulate to bloodstream and saliva. With this diet plan, individuals are expected to get bad breath.

Researchers proved that proteins are oral bacteria’s favorite food. This compound releases sulfur element that causes stinky breath. Just like protein, a new smart diet, called master cleanse, is also considered as an ill-approach to oral health.

Master Cleanse diet is an approach which involves consuming lemon juice. Sad to say, these types of beverages have undesirable effects on oral health. Needless to say, lemon juices have unlimited source of acid. These acids soften the tooth enamel which can cause dental tear. As per stated by experts, constant consumption of lemon juice can generate tooth erosion. This is a dental condition where the thin and protective layer of enamel wears away from the teeth. Apart from affecting teeth and enamel, acids can also affect your gums.

Although it is not considered as smart diet, eating disorder may also deprive the potential of gaining weight. Individuals who suffer eating disorders are best called as bulimics. Bulimics are considered to suffer with mental illness. This is due to their eating behaviors, like binging and purging foods. Even though they have abnormal eating, they tend to regurgitate the food’s nutrition to avoid any weight gain. The eating disorder disease is associated with several impacts. Apart from triggering the guilt and shame feeling, this can also cause dental problems. Based on research, eating disorder contributes to a number of oral problems, like tooth decay. This is due to the bile constantly passed unto the teeth. Bile is an acidic digestive fluid present in most vertebrates.

It is smart to consider the welfare of your body. But always consider the wellness of your teeth, too! Visit your dentist regularly and consider asking the best practice of losing weight without endangering the oral health..