Pros and Cons of Chewing Gums

Bad oral habit is a huge no-no! Most dental experts find these habits as great sources of dental problems. When individuals are warned about bad habits, only few who choose to adhere it. This is because bad oral habits are hard to resist.

Pros and Cons of Chewing Gums

One of the most common bad habits is eating processed foods. Indeed, processed foods are made of convenience. However, processed foods lack one thing – nutrients. Similar with sugary foods, individuals are also known attached to sugar-rich food products, from sweet treats down to candies and chewing gums. Candies and chewing gums are kids’ most liked treats which exposed them to different dental problems. Fortunately, our dentist for kids already found ways to address such problem.

Statistics reported that an average American resident chews 300 pieces of gums a year. This habit has led individuals to a series of dental problems, like acquiring cavities. Thanks to sugar-free gums manufactured today!

Sugar-free gums are living truth that a person can obtain chewing gums without harming your mouth and affecting your smile. Researches proved that tooth decay increases risks of tooth decay. Tooth decay is a dental problem that attacks teeth and breaks down the tooth enamel. Since this predicament is becoming prevalent across the globe, more and more people desire a healthy chewing gum. Obviously, the common disadvantage of ordinary gums is its endless sugar content. Finally, manufactures were able to developed sugar-free gums.

Sugar-free gums, when chewed for 20 minutes, can provide dental health benefits. American Dental Association verified that sugar-free gums are indeed efficient in bettering the oral health. Sugar-free gums are considered as teeth whiteners. Even though it only contains a slight whitener, this whitener provides an evident effect on the teeth. Besides that, sugar-free gums increase saliva production. Therefore, consumers who chew these types of gums can avert dry mouth and prevent bad breath. Research also shows that sugar-free gums fight tooth discoloration.

No matter how great sugar-free gums are, avoid keeping them as your replacement for cleaning teeth. Regular brushing and flossing are still the finest ways of cleaning teeth. Of course, a regular visit with your dentist is a plus. Don’t forget that the best behavior for keeping teeth healthy and strong is to build an open communication with your dentist.