Meet the Three Most Popular Orthodontic Retainers


Dental braces truly take time to finish. Sometimes it takes two years before you finally feel your teeth without any metals, brackets or wires. Of course, your years of wearing this device depends on your case. If your teeth suffer from severe misalignment and bite problems, your orthodontic treatment plan is quite longer than you expected.

The years you dedicated wearing dental braces are worth it! Once these come off, your teeth, jaw and tissues are in place. And for them to stay that way, you need to wear an orthodontic or dental retainer!

An orthodontic retainer is a custom-made dental appliance. This device can help your teeth in place and maintain all the perks provided by dental braces. Basically, a dental retainer is an aftercare treatment. You can wear this after you finish your orthodontic treatment plan on dental braces. Just like dental braces, a dental retainer can hold your jawbone and soft tissues in place. Through its wires and rubbers, you can ensure your teeth are in good shape!

Nowadays, there are three popular types of these that marked a name in modern dentistry. Displayed below are the three most in-demand dental retainers.

Hawley Retainer is the commonest dental retainer today. It has a plastic base and a connected wire that hold your teeth in place. The plastic base goes with your mouth and teeth’s shape that regardless of how your mouth and teeth wander, they are hold perfectly in place.

Bonded Retainer is a permanent retainer. Your dentist will cement this retainer to the back portion of your teeth.

Essix Retainer consists of clear plastics, just like Invisalign. People who use this type of dental retainer prefer invisibility. Since this retainer is not evident to others, others can hardly tell you are wearing one. However, Essix retainers are not as durable as Hawley retainers.

Orthodontic retainers are either fixed or removable. Regardless of what type you choose, rest assured that these dental appliances can help you maintain the things you work hard with your dental braces. Just consult an orthodontist Columbus Ohio right away to find out the most appropriate retainer for you. Of course, orthodontic retainers are best considered during your young or teenage years. The primary reason is that your jaws are still developing, so there’s a bigger chance of success in correcting your teeth.

If you think you need an orthodontic retainer, call a professional dentist now.