Erosive Facts of Enamel & Tooth Erosion

There are lots of things you need to consider in terms of your oral health. Aside from dental care, you need to exercise healthy lifestyle as it can strongly affect your teeth and gums. Of course, let’s not forget professional care. A Dentist on call after hours helps you evaluate and assess your oral health and see whether you have the likelihood of dental problems.


Dental problems come with a myriad of forms and types. All these exist because of poor oral hygiene and bad habits. And without the proper care and treatment it needs, the difficulty progresses. It forms oral symptoms that can cause general health problems. With your dentist near you, preventing the risks of dental problems becomes easier. Most especially in fighting the most common reason of developing larger dental issues, the tooth and enamel erosion. Obviously, the problem exists to destroy what covers your teeth.


Tooth enamel erosion is the outcome of acidic substances found in the outermost area of your teeth. It erodes the enamel and exposes your dentin to harmful elements over time. Once this continually happens, your teeth die. Luckily, our mouth possesses natural compounds that could reverse this risk. Saliva is the number one factor that can neutralize the acids. Instead of erosion, saliva allows you to strengthen your teeth, enamel and prevent all the potential likelihood of erosion. Although saliva helps reverse the risks of erosion, frequent consumption of acidic foods doesn’t help the case. This is why you need to do your bargain by preventing acidic foods. Acidic foods corrode your teeth. As much as you prevent this to happen, there are certain cases that force you to this situation. Bulimics are number one example. As we all know, people with eating disorder are prone to binging and purging of foods which lets acids take through the system.

Whether or not you are prone to erosion, it pays you get professional consultation beforehand. According to experts, enamel and tooth erosion have larger adverse effects to your oral health. Unlike the infamous tooth decay and cavities, erosion attacks directly to your tooth. The acids you get and the chemicals found within the foods you eat can reduce the pH levels of your mouth and induce erosion. The normal level of acidity is above 7. Any scale lower than that means your teeth have excessive amount of acids.


Fortunately, you can address and prevent dental erosion. Similar with other dental problems, its weakness is dental care and proper oral hygiene. Since erosion is about acidic elements, daily oral hygiene can do the deed. We are all aware that good oral hygiene is a preventive technique that fights all forms and symptoms of dental problems, including dental erosion. Plus it prevents the oral symptoms that can develop health issues, like lung disorder, heart disease and stroke. For complete care, it pays to get professional dental care. Regular dental visits help you monitor your oral health and see whether your teeth carry low pH levels due to acids.


If you think you have corroded teeth, contact a dentist right away.