Cosmetic Dentistry: Where It All Starts

Cosmetic Dentistry Where It All Starts

Beauty is important even during earlier years. Aside from boosting self-esteem, beauty lets us prove that despite everything we’ll go through in life, we remain positive and see life as something good and reassuring.

Everything changed, for the better, when cosmetic dentistry arrived. With the touch of modern technology, cosmetic dentistry becomes one of the famous platforms of striving individuals who seek to have pearly-white teeth and wholesome dental health. From traditional cosmetic dental procedures, we can now relish several cutting-edge solutions for our gap, crack and stained problems. But where did cosmetic dentistry all starts? How these amazing technologies become one of the finest procedures during this century?

Cosmetic dentistry is all about enhancing and cleaning your teeth. The act started during 3000 BC where their means of cleaning their teeth are through twigs and nylons. These materials can remove food debris or particles. The hairs of an animal are the first bristles used for brushing teeth in which the act began during the late 1400s. All these are their personal forms of cosmetic dentistry.

When the years of 1840 to 1919 arrived, all these ways changed. Newell Sill Jenkins uncovered Jenkins porcelain enamel. The material comes from porcelain paste, inlays, dental bridges and crowns which are highly effective in improving one’s teeth. Through the years of developing the means of fighting stains and enhancing teeth’s aesthetics, cosmetic dentistry offer you today’s cosmetic dental solutions.

Teeth whitening treatments are cosmetic dentistry’s finest agent in boosting teeth. These are bleaching agents that can whiten your teeth into different levels of shades! Teeth whitening started in late 1990s. It was during the time were two dentists thought of using peroxide as whitening agent. And as years passed, from traditional way of delivering teeth whitening, this cosmetic dental solution comes with fine touch of laser dentistry. Laser teeth whitening is more durable and way faster to complete.

Other cosmetic dental treatments are composite dental fillings and dental bonding. These materials can treat broken or cracked teeth. Another is dental veneer. Dental veneers are thin and customized shells that can mimic your teeth’s natural shade. It can solve your teeth’s appearance particularly your front teeth.

Cosmetic dental treatments are available 24/7. There are now 24 hour dental clinics working on board to provide the best treatments even beyond office hours!

Regardless of how cosmetic dentistry advanced, always keep in mind that every treatment’s success, there lies a professional cosmetic dentist. With this, ensure to employ one.

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