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Today we have advanced techniques to perform oral surgery in extreme cases. You can avail maxillary sinus lifts and grafts that can be analogous (patient’s own) or other types with a very high success rate. Fortunately they are very rare cases in which a patient who wants to be rehabilitated cannot. The field of bone regeneration is undoubtedly one of the major advances in recent years Implant logy.

For patients with pyorrhea implants are “THE SOLUTION”. Traditionally such patients were inescapably avocados to lose their teeth. The only treatment that could offer was a scrupulous hygiene and regular visits to the clinic for periodontal treatments performed. The final perspective was always the same: complete dentures and off.

Now the implants have revolutionized the way of treating these patients is important to know that the long periodontal treatments are not only useless but detrimental because while there is an effort to preserve the natural part we cannot prevent the disease run its course and go losing bone. You have to know how to cut that process before it is too late. The bone is essential for a good rehabilitation and esthetic results. In extreme cases it is very difficult to achieve aesthetics.

It may be the only case in medicine in which the artificial substitute has better functionality than the original organ. A properly working implant in the mouth (because it is placed in the ideal position and supports an axial load and proportional to its size), has a much higher durability natural life of a tooth.

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Speaking of implants without surgery we’re talking about surgery procedures blindly guided by computer. All these systems use a previously prepared template on which we must adapt the implants and allows us to place without having to open the gum and give points. Intervention appears logically simpler but minimal variation in the position of the mouth template could solution complicated problems and therefore is not a system without risk. The weakness of these systems is that the skilled surgeon does not really need, and those less experienced professionals surgery may be overwhelmed by its complicated handling. On the other hand, discuss minimally invasive surgery versus conventional surgery is very questionable as with any surgical procedure tends always to do the minimum possible intervention to achieve the desired therapeutic goal with minimal discomfort and side effects for the patient.

Only it should be done in very specific cases and favorable. Yet the quality of the prosthesis that can be offered in these cases is strongly influenced by time. In these cases we offer resin temporary teeth which will then be replaced by final aesthetic ceramic top. Ceramic treatments cannot be done in the day, only you can make dentures clip art, not so personalized.

Zirconium is an excellent material in the dental field, having a high bio compatibility (same as titanium) and allows an aesthetic prosthetic insurmountable. However, its use in the surgical field in dentistry is recent and very minor. You can say that as an implant, ie within the bone, there is no advantage to titanium added. It is a professional option.

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