Broken Tooth

Advisable Tips in Handling Broken Tooth

Dental problems are not really easy to deal with. As a matter of fact, they are among the most common medical problems experienced by men and women today. Oral problems are acquired mostly to individuals who lack proper hygiene. These individuals don’t adhere to the right oral regimen, such as brushing your teeth and flossing it every day. As outlined by studies, daily brushing and proper flossing are the most basic step in achieving excellent oral health. Through brushing your teeth, you can eliminate countless bacteria and dental plaque build-up. However, there are instances where brushing becomes pointless. This is due to dental plaques that’re hiding in between the teeth and gum line. For that reason, dental flossing is applied and can be obtained by seeking dental oral surgeons.

With the short overview and information about proper hygiene, many individuals become aware about the essence of oral health and teeth. Unfortunately, not all individuals are willing to execute the steps. Due to this, oral problems are at reached.

One of the most common dental problems today is having broken or chipped tooth. A broken or chipped tooth is caused by different reasons. Nonetheless, experts affirmed that tooth trauma is the most common cause why a person’s tooth breaks. Tooth trauma happens when you suddenly bite something hard like chips or junk foods. In addition, tooth trauma takes place by accident like receiving a big blow to the face. Studies also show that tooth decay triggers broken tooth. When the tooth is bombarded by excessive cavities, the tooth becomes weak and breakable.

When a person gets a broken tooth, it is advised to seek immediate dental assistance coming from an emergency dentist. Broken tooth might be painless at first, but it doesn’t mean that they’ll be painless forever. As you neglect your broken tooth, the severity becomes higher, causing lots of damages like tooth pain. With that, advisable tips in handling broken tooth are specified by dental experts, including:

Save every piece of it. In case your broken or chipped tooth is clean, it pays to keep it. Your dentist might cement them along with your tooth. With this, you may be able to fix your tooth, restoring your smile and complete set of teeth. When you keep the fragments, place it in a container. The container should contain small amount of milk or saline.

Rinse the fragments with lukewarm water. For knocked-out tooth, it is advised to rinse it with warm water. Hold the top part of the tooth then gently rinse it with water. Avoid touching the roots to prevent infection.

Start using first-aid tips. In case your broken tooth is bleeding, rinse it with water immediately. Apply a piece of gauze in the socket and bite down. Cold compress is also recommended to alleviate pain and swelling.

Consider immediate dental assistance. In the event your broken tooth is totally knocked-out, call an immediate dental assistance. In this way, you can restore and fix them altogether. Always keep in mind that only your dentist can provide 100 percent assurance in solving broken tooth.

Like other dental problems, broken tooth is treatable especially when they are brought to a dentist at its earliest time. Practice right oral hygiene to avoid broken tooth. Brush and floss your teeth daily and always attend dental visits on regular basis.