What Causes BP to Spike?

Maintaining your blood pressure level normal is one heck of a challenge today especially to adults. That’s because as we aged, our BP is twice sensitive and prone to rise up. This explains why during adulthood, we are advised to be more cautious with our daily routines particularly with our lifestyle.

However, many remains confused about what exactly is the blood pressure and why it plays a very vital role in our body.

As outlined by 24 hour dental services, blood pressure is the pressure of blood pushing through your arteries. These arteries carry blood from your heart and is passed through the other areas of your body. Blood pressure also helps deliver the essential white blood cells and its antibodies that is used for immunity and hormones.

Now, what happens if the blood pressure remains normal?

Why the need to avoid a spike on BP?

The delivered fresh blood can pick up the toxic waste products of metabolism, such as the toxin and carbon dioxide that our liver and kidneys get every time we exhale. Moreover, the blood itself carries a number of important properties, like temperature and its vital defenses against tissue damage and possible blood clots.

By keeping away from unhealthy lifestyle, you can retain the normal blood pressure. Nevertheless, by exposing yourself from the factors below, your blood pressure is expected to spike.

High blood pressure takes place when a certain factor increases pressure against the walls of your arteries. Number one example is the buildup of fatty deposits in the atherosclerosis. Most of those who experience this are overweight and obese individuals. Another reason why blood pressure spikes is due to a medication taken from an existing health condition. Certain medications are birth control pills, over-the-counter pain meds, and decongestants; and of course, illegal drugs, such as amphetamine and cocaine.

Individuals who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, kidney disease, adrenal disorder and thyroid problems are also most likely to suffer high blood pressure.

To tone down your blood pressure level, it pays to visit an experienced physician for prescription. Your personal doctor can provide you with medications that can control and stable your blood pressure. You can also visit a dietitian to help you with your weight loss diet. Dietitian is a professional weight loss nutritionist who can assess your health and nutritional needs. They work with patients whose aim is to lose weight and improve their diet for health-related reasons, like managing diabetes and blood pressure level.

Prevention remains the best approach against high blood pressure or hypertension. Number one effective technique is to maintain an excellent and healthy lifestyle. Always eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, drink less alcohol, quit smoking and avoid stress. Taking this recommendation to heart surely manifest an excellent BP level.