Water Facts & Why Quit Soft Drinks

To drink eight glasses of water is already a common practice in today’s society. One of the few reasons is to stay hydrated most especially now that majority of us are susceptible to headaches and dizziness. Health experts identified these health challenges as a result of dehydration.

Water is considered as the most therapeutic liquid in the world. Aside from its multiple nutritional values, this sugar-free drink is effective in cutting down your calorie intake. Compared with soda and other carbonated drinks, water is very consistent in replacing the water your body lose every day. So if you feel frequent dizziness, thirst, headaches and other signs of dehydration, despite drinking soft drinks consistently, your body obviously is in dire need of water.

Why Quit Soda Drinks

As explained above, water is the number one tool against dehydration. It has been discovered that throughout the day, the body naturally releases 8 cups of water. Hence, eight glasses of water a day is essential.

Dental professionals also can attest the positive outcomes of water to the oral health. Unlike caffeinated and sugary drinks, water does not promote bacteria, dental plaques and dental problems. Soft drinks are rich in acid that can cause erosion to your teeth. The reason why it is considered as the feeding ground of bacteria and dental plaques. No wonder why those who obsessively consume these liquids are prone to oral cavities and tooth decay. With water, you can ensure strong and balanced health of your teeth and gums. Very few may have known water has a natural nutrient that can boost and strengthen teeth, called fluoride.

In terms of exercising your balanced diet and weight loss program, water can help you maximize your goal. Fitness experts with our dentist downtown in Columbus OH approved that nothing beats water in helping your lose. Besides having no sugar and calorie content, this beverage alone helps neutralize the food you take per day. You can control your weight better if you drink large sum of water before meal time.

Although it’s beneficial to stick with water, it’s not healthy to deprive your body or cravings once in a while. Always remember that healthy lifestyle doesn’t promote starvation. It is a matter of discipline and controlling your urge. So if you drink soda at lunch, make sure you drink water after that for appropriate cleansing. It pays also to practice water transition slowly. This means you cut down an ounce of soda every day and replace it with water instead. Moreover, you can enjoy the changes if you spice up your water by adding flavor to it, like lemon or chia seeds.

When you follow the proper consumption of water, you will notice the small changes your body experiences. For example is feeling lighter day by day. This signifies that your body becomes free from dehydration and the associated health risks of it.