Various Heart-Related Illnesses Today

What happens when you do not take good care of your heart health? Aside from causing permanent heart damage, poor heart health impairs your body from functioning. After all, the human heart acts like a car engine that keeps your body from running.

Our heart functions a very important role in our lives. This area is the one responsible for producing blood and delivering enough oxygen throughout the arteries of our body. Imagine the risks you will go through if you try to overlook it. Here are among the top heart-related cases reported today. These illnesses have impacted most individuals today and changed them because of its adverse reactions, such as disabilities and death.

Heart-to-Heart Talks about Heart Health

Angina is a common chest pain or discomfort that usually takes place if the heart muscle doesn’t receive enough oxygen-rich blood. The person will experience pressure or squeezing in the chest part that may be passed on to different areas of the body, like shoulders, arms, jaw, neck and back. In most cases, people assume this condition as indigestion.

Arrhythmia is a condition that affects your heartrate or pulse. This irregular heart rhythm illness can slow down or fasten your rate which can damage your atria, ventricles and blood vessels.

Arteriosclerosis is very common in adults and seniors. It is when the large arteries become less elastic due to deposits of collagen and scar tissue. Arteriosclerosis can trigger other health risks. Affected individuals may suffer from high blood pressure, coronary heart disorder or attack, kidney, brain and eye disorders and stroke.

Atherosclerosis is when your arterial wall gets swamped with plaque buildup. Mostly, this affects elderly individuals.

Cardiovascular disease is the very reason why stroke and heart attacks happen. This is characterized as the general term for all sorts of diseases that affect the heart’s blood vessels and arteries.

Coronary heart disease or otherwise known as CHD is a condition in which the coronary arteries are affected by waxy substance, like plaques. The arteries are blocked from supplying oxygen to the heart muscle.

Heart attack is one of the leading death causes today. This is somewhat correlated to cardiovascular and coronary heart disease as it tackles of oxygen-rich blood blockage. The arteries fail to pump blood which can result in shortness of breath, sweating, fainting and death. If the blood flow is not restored quickly, the heart muscles will die.

Stroke is when the brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen and blood. This affects the brain cells which can result in sudden bleeding if not treated immediately.

Sudden cardiac arrest is when your heart stops beating. This means the person’s blood stops flowing to its vital organs, like brain. SCA can be temporarily treated through a cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR. The heart rhythm can be fully restored through an AED or automated external defibrillator (AED).

You can visit a heart specialist in some pediatric dentist offices to ensure your heart health’s condition. You will be given different preventive tips to avoid the aforementioned heart-related illnesses.