The Best of NTI Appliance

The Best of NTI Appliance

Teeth grinding or bruxism is rampant nowadays. This usually happens at night while you sleep soundly in your bed.

Although some people consider this as mild problem, dentists proved it otherwise. Why? It is because of adverse reactions brought by bruxism, including sensitivity of teeth, earache, chronic facial pain and migraine. These health conditions are clearly enough reasons to consider the NTI Appliance. This type of mouth guard is efficient in controlling the teeth grinding attack.

Bruxism is the clenching and grinding of teeth. Aside from causing damage to your teeth, this can cause persistent headache which may lead to migraine. Bruxism is about applying extensive amount of force to your teeth. Over time, this can wear and tear your lower and upper teeth. No wonder why majority of individuals with bruxism suffer from broken teeth, cracked teeth and tooth loss.

Luckily, mouth guards, like the NTI appliance can help you.

This appliance is perfect for you if you suffer from the warning signs of bruxism. The commons signs are chronic facial pain, earaches, loud grinding sounds, TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome and headache. If you have these warning signs, better get an NTI appliance. This mouth guard is available over-the-counter but is best to obtain in personalized form with your dentist’s help.

Based on research, the NTI appliance can eliminate all these difficulties. This is through its simple process wherein the Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibitory (NTI) reflexes whenever you grind your teeth. While it reflexes, your mouth automatically opens. This helps prevent your teeth, particularly the front part, from breaking or cracking. The  appliance comes in an acrylic guard form. Since it highly protects your front teeth, you can wear this on your upper and lower teeth. As a result, it keeps your teeth from clenching hard.

This is suitable for those who are prone to teeth clenching or bruxism. Just make sure the device fits you perfectly. Don’t fret of staying longer on a dental chair as the process of making an NTI appliance involves no impressions and only takes 30 minutes to finish.

To learn more of this dental appliance, you can rely on information from our 24 dentists. Your personal dentist will educate you about dental problems, like bruxism and how can you overcome this problem through the NTI appliance.