Strange and Cringe Worthy Dental News

Strange Teeth News

People often think that the lives of dentists can be boring knowing the procedures that they do each and every day. Don’t let these seemingly plain dental reviews fool you though. These dental experts also get their fair share of odd patients and events in their offices.

Dental appointments don’t last long and are usually the standard procedures for preventive and dental care treatment done by dental experts. Some appointments are far from the usual. And this proves true even for dentists who have seen the worst dental cases. Their dental classes and practice did not prepare them for these stranger than strange events.

You would be surprised at these strange stories that actually made the news. Here are the bizarre, absurd and outlandish scenarios in the dental industry.

Super Shocking. One woman dreaded the thought of going to the dentist that she put superglue on her teeth and put them right back to her mouth when they broke. It was said that her phobia started when a routine dental check-up revealed her mother’s throat cancer. The phobia got intense that it took a decade before she was convinced to see a professional dentist. Her dental exams revealed that 90% of all the bones supporting her teeth have been damaged by the toxic chemicals of the superglue. She had all her teeth taken out and replaced with the use of all her life savings. Dental check-ups really shouldn’t be shrugged off.

Tools for Teeth. Your teeth are so functional that some people use them as tools. Rugby players in Argentina took this challenge to new heights. It is understandable for these players to lose some teeth after their games; but the strangest offer happened when Salta, a beer company, offered teeth replacement for players with lost teeth that doubles as a bottle opener. The implants were silver and branded with the company name. The whole process was well documented for fans.

Love & Wisdom. A couple in California took their relationship to another level as the man proposed to his beloved with a special ring. This ring is literally a part of him. On top of the engagement ring, instead of the usual diamond, was his molar. The couple revealed that it signifies their quirky personalities and how much love they have for each other.

Dentist Impersonator. Pretending to be a teacher, lawyer or dentist is fun and games until a dental manager took things too seriously. It certainly stirred rage and fear when a New York manager took in patients who don’t have insurance; and conducted various procedures and even root canal treatment on days when the dentist was out. These activities lasted for a year and were discovered after several patients complained of complications after the dental appointments from the said dental manager.

Hopefully, reading these strange dental events was not only entertaining but illuminating as well. This makes every dental appointment meaningful and less scary. Hopefully, this encourages children and adults to take better care of their pearly whites to avoid painful or painfully awkward dental situations.