Risky Truths Involving Cellphone Radiation

How Radiation Cause Health Distress

What is a cellphone? A cellphone is a mobile technology that helps people these days to enhance and discover more knowledge with just a few types of the keyboard and single click and few scrolls. It makes life better and our work easier, the world is connected, and we get response whenever and wherever. Unlike other electronic devices, a cellphone is much more convenient, but what and how does the radiation affect us?

Cellphones emit radiation that may cause a certain type of health problem, can even lead to cancer. People are concerned about this, especially the parents whose kids are in need to use the device for education purposes. Our body has almost 76% fluid and there are ions and free molecules everywhere which means that parts of our body can absorb energy when they are nearest to the antenna. According to https://www.emergencydentalcolumbusohio.com/, we are all influenced by radiations to some extent, whether we are aware of it or not. The explanation for this is that our bodies are inherently electric. Every cell in our body uses tiny electric signals to communicate. Since that is how our nervous system works, thinking we can bring an infinite amount of microwave radiation into our environment and not feel the effects is absolutely false.

Mobile phones have an effect on our nervous system. People experiences headaches, loss of concentration, irritability, insomnia, and, in some cases, depression. Radiation-emitting cells have a negative impact on immunity, and making it weaker. In the last 15 years, our exposure to wi-fi systems that emit microwave radiation/EMR has increased 100-fold. Every space has several devices that are constantly emitting radiation (mobile phones, laptops, routers, modem, mobile towers, high tension lines and the likes).

To simplify everything, cellphone radiation can put our lives at risk. You do not sleep with your phone under the pillow for a no reason. The cellphone manufactures says so that you should keep your phone away from your body. The Specific Absorption Rate or SAR value is measured with the phone to the ear and not in direct contact to the skin.


  • Time management – it is important to have time management with almost everything you do, especially on weekends. With the help of your schedule, you could separate the time where you can spend time in your room studying, not just playing with your cellphone. In short, minimize your time spent around radiofrequency radiation.
  • Note some activities – you can take notes of other productive activities that maintain a healthy lifestyle such as, exercising or just spending quality time with family or friends.
  • Turn off your device – notifications from any social media platform won’t disturb you if you start your activity.
  • Do NOT sleep near your phone.

There are no evidences that say that cellphones can lead to cancer but there nobody has stated that cellphones doesn’t affect us at all. Prevention is better than cure.