Risk Factors of Mental & Physical Stress

Stress Results on You

Stress is everywhere and can affect us all in different kinds of ways. May it be caused by a financial struggle, toxic relationship, handling kids, jobs or careers – stress indeed stressed us out. A stressed individual tends to affect his daily routines. That is why those who seem disturbed and strained all the day mentally and physically should have themselves checked. Stress, if ignored, can result in severe circumstances.

Just like other health dilemmas, stress is best treated once the symptoms are identified. Now, the only challenge here is how to identify these warning symptoms.

Based on experts’ content, stress is very difficult to address considering that its symptoms are vague and hard to perceive. The only definite meaning of this problem is stress is considered a body’s reaction towards harmful circumstances. Therefore, this is the result of how a body reacts to different dealings. Most people who suffer from stress goes through increased heart rate and blood pressure, shortness of breath and muscle tightness. Once you notice that your body recently experiences this, you need to get an immediate consultation.

There are different warning symptoms of stress. Although this may vary from case to case, these indications are considered affiliated to such problem.

Stress can take a toll of your life. This can affect your emotions, behavior, cognitive and thinking ability and physical health. Hence, when stress attacks, your overall well-being it at stake! Not to mention, of course, if aside from this problem, you have an existing health condition. The battle you face doubles. Emotional symptoms caused by stress include frustration, agitation, moodiness and losing out of control. You will also experience low self-esteem, feel depressed, lonely and tend to isolate yourself from the crowd. Physical symptoms, contrary, entails severe headache, diarrhea, constipation, feeling nauseous, lack of sleep and muscle tension. Stress can also trigger obesity due to eating disorder. As for cognitive and thinking ability, stress may lead to forgetfulness and constant worrying.

Women who suffer from stress may also suffer from menstrual problems. Men, on the other hand, are not spared, too, in terms of dealing with chronic stress. Stress on men may develop sexual dysfunction. The condition involves impotence and premature ejaculation. Both men and women also are at risk from loss of sexual drive.

Hair loss is also a very common sign of stress as well anxiety and experiencing frequent health problems. However, since stress covers a myriad of warning indications, it really pays to get a doctor’s consultation. This is to ensure whether or not you are positive with stress syndrome. Should you are, at the very least, you get the appropriate therapy in order to combat this well-known health disorder.

After all, a person who knows how to handle his problems always has the advantage of surviving.