Preventive Tips of Heart Attack

If you have a peek at this site, you will understand the importance of heart health and its role to you and your well-being. After all, it is not called as a strong muscle for nothing.

According to research, the human heart is a strong muscle that produces or pumps blood to your body. Its normal size may be as small as your clenched fist but it works a major role in the body as it acts like an engine to a car. This part keeps your body running. The human heart contains two sides: atrium and the ventricle. The atrium is found in the top chamber while the ventricle is at the bottom. While the right side of the heart pumps blood to produce oxygen, the left receives it and pass it down through the arteries all throughout your body. There is an electrical system found in the heart. It measures and controls the heartbeat or pulse.

Imagine what your body will go through if the heart system shuts down due to an attack.

This is why it is extremely significant to avoid the risks of heart attack. Heart attack is a condition wherein one of the coronary arteries is blocked because of a plaque ruptures. When a person doesn’t receive enough oxygen, he may suffer from severe chest pain that may result to death. Based on statistics, more than 1 million people in the state of America suffer from an attack. Half of them didn’t make it. You can stop being part of those if you start learning the different warning signs and symptoms of heart attack.

A person who is educated about heart attack gains an edge of preventing one. The most common sign of an attack is a crushing chest pain. The person goes through heavy pain or discomfort in the chest, upper body, neck and arms. Other warning symptoms also involve nausea, cold sweat, shortness of breath and losing consciousness or fainting.

During an attack, there’s a term called golden hours. This means you take into account the every passing minute or hour of the patient. There are different prescribed drugs that can melt down the blockage. The sooner you can get into the hospital, the higher chances of not having permanent heart damage. Prolonged attack can result in deadly heart rhythm problems, heart failures, disabilities and death.

Individuals who have yet to have an attack can make use of different medicinal drugs that help prevent heart attack. Healthy lifestyle also gives a plus in maintaining your heart health in perfect shape. Avoid unhealthy foods, especially those with too much oil. Participate in different physical activities, as well. Regular exercise prevents heart aging.