Positive Points of Breastfeeding

Pregnancy is just the beginning of a woman’s responsibility towards motherhood. Women are advised that to get pregnant, she must have the financial, emotional and of course, the physical strength to support and handle a child. Most especially in terms of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding or otherwise called as “nursing” is the fundamental nutrient every newborn child needs. It is the first suggested food your child will take within an hour after birth. The milk that comes from your breast appears to be colostrum, yellowish and sticky. Health specialists considered this as the perfect food for the newborns that should be take up to six months of age. How often you should breastfeed depends on your newborn’s preference on small or frequent meals. Nonetheless, breastfeeding alongside with any appropriate complementary foods must be continued up two years or beyond.

Breast milk that comes from mothers provides ideal nutrition for newborns. According to health experts in pediatric dentistry, it is nearly called as the perfect food because it has high amount of vitamins, fat and proteins. All the kind of nutrients that a baby needs for proper growth and development.

Unlike formula milk, breast milk can be easily digested by infants. Breast milk has antibodies that can help ward off and eliminate viruses and bacteria. Babies who are fed through breast for more than six months less likely to get allergies and asthma, too. Not to mention respiratory and ear infection and diarrhea. All possible health problems that an infant can get can be reduced through breastfeeding. Lactating moms will have less worry about going to the doctors more often.

Moreover, it has been discovered that breastfed babies most likely to develop higher IQs. They also develop physical closeness to their moms and has the potential of gaining the right amount of weight. Since breastfeeding allows infants to survive and develop well, mothers will not have to fear the SIDS or the sudden infant death syndrome. The ideas and positive impact of breastfeeding presented, without a doubt, will help the mother cope up with motherhood and possible depression. We are all aware how sensitive mothers are in terms of post-partum. On the contrary, breastfeeding is more than just benefitting the baby and infants. Mothers can gain perks to this deed as well.

As per research, breastfeeding helps moms stay fit and healthy because it can cut down extra calories. No wonder majority of breastfeeding moms easily lose weight after giving birth. Furthermore, breastfeeding helps release hormone oxytocin. This means your uterus is slowly returning to its pre-pregnancy size and is less likely to suffer from uterine bleeding after giving birth. Breastfeeding can also help reduce cancer, like breast and ovarian, and osteoporosis.

And if it isn’t obvious, breastfeeding helps you save time and money as well. You won’t have to buy expensive formula milk for your infant.

Breastfeeding is a mother’s natural way of taking care of the baby. Motherhood isn’t as simple as it looks like. Hence, it needs support from family and loved ones.