Healthy Christmas Treat Alternatives for Better Smiles

Christmas comes once year and people get all hyped up with the party filled season. No matter how you celebrate this season, tables are sure to be filled with hearty food, delightful treats, and indulgent meals. Some of the foods and drinks during the holiday season, although very satisfying to the palate, are everything that your 24h emergency dentist would warn you not to eat too much of.

Aside from plenty of foods and drinks, smiles abound during the holidays as families and friends reunite and celebrate. Unfortunately, those smiles are all in peril during the holiday season as dental health habits are often forgotten and set aside with all the parties and activities going on.

Why Dentists Know Best

Before munching on those sweet and savory treats this Christmas, it is best to have a clear concept of what foods are best for your dental and overall health. Here are some alternatives to the usual foods that everyone loves to eat during the season.

No to Candy Canes and Yes to Crunchy Vegetables. Candy canes are handed out from schools and mall Santa this time of year. Any type of hard candy is a big no for your teeth. It can give you a long list of dental problems and cavities or tooth decay isn’t worth the risk. The long period of time the sugary treat stays in your mouth increases bacterial levels and acid by product that damages the protective layer of the tooth called the enamel. It can also crack your teeth if eaten the wrong way. The best alternative for you and kids are crunchy vegetable sticks instead of those candy canes. If it’s too bland for you, try adding peanut butter, cream cheese, or hummus which is all healthy for your teeth and body.

No to White Wine and Yes to Lemon or Lime Flavored Water. White wine can be tempting but it is more acidic than other wine varieties and contains sugar. If you want to drink white wine, be sure to drink it with a meal to decrease the harmful effects on your teeth. Water is the best option no matter what the occasion, but for people who want some flavor, you can squeeze some lemon or lime on your water. A few drops would not be acidic as it would get diluted with water.

No to Coffee and Yes to Hot Coco. Holiday specials of coffee franchises like Starbucks increases coffee consumption this time of the year. It might give you that extra energy but coffee also dries out your mouth. This can lead to bad breathe and increased bacterial levels in the mouth that can cause plaque formation. The saliva in your mouth becomes limited when you drink too much coffee, not to mention the stain it leaves on your teeth. You can enjoy hot chocolate drinks instead that has enough caffeine just to get you going. Choose the hot coco varieties that use alternative sweeteners and not the ones with refined sugar or corn syrup.