Hair Loss: Preventive Techniques & Treatments

What is hair loss? Hair loss happens when a fallen strands of hair from your head has not been replaced. A lot of people are actually experiencing hair loss, some got it from their family, even aging and stress. It is also not impossible for children to experience excessive hair loss a day. In fact, it is normal to loss hairs between fifty to hundred as this is not noticeable and it normally replaces the lost hairs with new ones. Hair loss happens and develop over years and this could be both temporary and permanent. Most people lose hairs just by combing with a brush or just by taking a shower, but hair loss that has too much amount from the drain after washing them this may result to thin patches of hair and even baldness. What exactly is/are the cause of hair loss? What must you do to prevent this from happening? Find out below.

  • What causes hair loss?
  • if you notice that you are losing more hair than the usual, you might want to consult your doctor or a dermatologist. Quick information; dermatologists are professionals that specializes skin problems. Your chosen doctor will try to determine what causes your hair loss and come up with a diagnosis for its treatment.
  • it was stated above that hair loss could be a result from heredity. This happens when you have a family history or background of baldness, may even begin with puberty.
Hair Loss Risk Factors
  • in some cases, hair loss occurs when something triggered it such as; traumatic events, severe illness, and even surgeries, but unlike this one you need not treatment as you will eventually grow your hair back.
  • You can also experience hair loss due to certain diseases like diabetes.
  • The medication you’ve been taking can be also the cause of hair loss.
  • Stress, low protein diet or poor nutrition are also the causes of losing your hair.
  • What treatment should be done?
  • the treatment for hair loss always depends on the cause. Like what was being said above, if you noticed that you’re losing too much hair per day, you must contact or consult with your doctor and make an appointment to determine the underlying problems.
  • taking medication prescribed by your doctor can also help you.
  • home treatment is recommended if your doctor has come up with a diagnosis that you won’t be needing any surgical procedure for hair restoration.
  • eat healthy. This is the easiest and most affordable way to prevent or get rid of hair loss.
  • keep yourself hydrated. Water plays an important role as it is the source of energy for hair cells and hydrates the entire hair strand from the inside, this includes the cells that generates new hair growth.

Always remember that if the persistent hair loss is getting on your very last nerve, you have your doctor for recommendations and you can try these out. An early treatment is better than cure. Other than that, massaging your scalp can also be done. This helps to sooth and improves your hair condition around the scalp, improves blood circulation for your hair and may even encourage a healthy hair growth.