Disney’s Way of Improving Dental Health

Walt Disneydental photo has cracked the code in capturing the minds and hearts of children and adults. The field of dentistry and Disney’s work may look and seem to be worlds apart but they showcase more similarities than you think. Dentists need to learn a thing or two from what many people consider as the happiest place on earth.

Disney world consistently cater hundreds of thousands of people every day leaving guests happy and mesmerized without a falter. This success is definitely not an accident. This company have successfully developed and harnessed a formula that all businesses can also do to achieve the overwhelming response of people.

Dental practice is no different from any business. Dentists are not only practitioners but entrepreneurs in their own right as they own and manage their own business. Patients can be considered as the audience, tourists, and guests in your dental office. The expectations and needs of these people need to be met.

Here are the simple ways Disney teaches information on dentists to enhance the service of dental practitioners.

Emotional Involvement. One thing that dental practitioners should learn from Disney is that patients are somewhat like their guests. Guests from the theme parks are served with the utmost respect and courtesy to ensure they are special and loved.  These are people who are ruled by their emotions and are drawn to experiences. Most of the time, dental appointments are dreaded and anxiety attacks are common because of negative association to experiences. Reaching out to patients and remembering the little things let them know you care. The moment they step in to your office, a warm greeting and a simple conversation would be nice. This would let them know that dentists are humans too and that they can relate to you. At the end of the day, people wouldn’t really care about your skills because they care if really care for them.

Influence the team. Every aspect of making patients special should come from the dentists to the personnel, the hygienists and the secretary. Just like the employees of the Disney Company, they represent the dentist’s brand and reputation. These are the people that carry out your dreams and welcome patients to make them comfortable in the office.  Each one of them should have the same dreams and aspirations you have for the business.

Connecting with patients. Dentists need to learn beyond the dental problems of patients. This will make patients feel important and would later on develop loyalty to you. People already have problems with their dental health and the last thing that they need is a dentist that sees them as just another patient with damaged teeth.

The dental community can definitely improve and get better relationships with their patients following the initiatives of Walt Disney. Indeed, people want to get experiences that exceed their expectations and would lift their spirits. Hopefully, more and more dental practitioners apply and actively practice these helpful pointers.