Different Museums Dedicated to Oral and Dental Health

Children and adults usually dread the thought of dental appointments and sitting on those chairs awaiting the procedure or treatment that their dentist is about to do. This fear of dentists and other things related to dentistry gave rise to the full development of museums that present instruments to pay tribute to the industry of dentistry; and the changes along with its progress throughout the years.

Dental museums are well-established and known throughout the country. The primary goal of this endeavor is to promote awareness to everyone and let them experience and appreciate dentistry. Click here to find out more fun museums you can visit.

The Dental Museum of the Temple University. This museum exists in Philadelphia where they feature historic dental student teaching materials. These instruments made the dentists from that part of history which ultimately leads to the advancements of today.

Baltimore Dentistry Museum. This museum explores the history of teeth and dentistry.  It is located at the University of Maryland in Baltimore which is the first college to train dentists in the entire world. Courtesy to the man named G. V. Black, found the modern dentistry around the 1800s in the US. There are more than 40,000 items that you can see and explore in the museum. It is considered as among the largest dental collections in the world. Royal family utilizes gold and pearl dental instruments. It is also famous for showing the false teeth of the very first president, George Washington. This debunks all theories that the president’s false teeth come with wood; when it fact it comprises animal bone. It also caused him pain when he talks which may answer why his inaugural speech is the shortest in history. Animal bones are widely used back then. You can go back to history and find out that teeth during the days are of animal bones.  The unusual displays of this museum leave visitors in shock and pleasantly surprised as they discover how dental health was way back in history.

The Pierre Fauchard Museum of Dental History. This museum was established in the year 2000and is located on the Charleston Campus of the College of Southern Nevada. It displays hundreds of antique dental instruments, chairs and other historical materials from contributions and other sources.

dental photo

Experiencing tooth extractions and other procedures back then is more of a horror story compared to the advanced look it has today. Seeing the spectacular transformation of dentistry through the ages gives us a sense of appreciation of the contributions of the great thinkers; and doctors who paved the way to better oral health care and practice.

Remember to bring along your friends and family to make museum visits more fun and exciting. It also opens up the minds of the kids to the true importance of their dental health. They could pickup techniques and may even aspire to be dentists after seeing all the cool attractions.