Dental Health Effects of Common Vices

Sugar Content & Vices' Effects

Sugar is often thought of as the leading culprit of dental problems. This has been inculcated in our minds since childhood; but as adults, we know that there are many habits and vices that have detrimental effects on our teeth that are often unspoken or not addressed and brushed off.

These habits that slowly turn into a regular and mandatory part of one’s lifestyle turns into vices that take a toll on your teeth and gums. There is no denying that these simple habits determine our oral health and their effects vary. It becomes a part of your system you find it hard to resist and stop.  Adults consciously engage to these vices knowing they have harmful effects on their health but the direct effects are usually seen with their smiles.

Here are several common vices that affect your teeth and gums.

Tobacco. Most of our ancestors lit cigars as a tradition and generally a way to pass the time. These old habits were carried on to this generation and the studies definitely show the havoc that cigarettes cause on your dental health. The chemicals that cigarettes possess could lead to oral cancers and lung cancers. Nicotine does a lot of damage to your teeth and gums. Regular smokers tend to have darker gums and plaque-ridden teeth. The effects of smoking are not limited to your oral health. It affects the lungs, heart, and other vital organs in the body.

Alcohol. Drinking alcohol has been part of the modern culture. You drink to have fun, celebrate and to relax after a long day. Alcoholic beverages are acidic and cause enamel erosion on teeth. There are ways to remineralize your teeth but excessive consumption of these beverages, especially when done daily, can damage your teeth and cause plaque formation and gum diseases. Different types of alcoholic drinks cause different damages to your smile. Some of the most common effects on your mouth are dry mouth, teeth staining and, cavities. It also damages your liver function.

Needless to say, all your habits and practices affect your teeth and overall health. It is said your dental health reflects your body’s health because most of the symptoms of organ diseases manifest in your mouth. Smoking and drinking alcohol are leading causes of various health problems for adults. These vices often start off as simple and harmless cases of curiosity that end up on periodontal disease, tooth decay, and oral cancers.

When you find a good dentist, you can manage the effects of these vices. Dental appointments can give you cleanings and whitening treatments for your smile but most of these would only go in vain if you continue on with these vices. The best way to avoid these adverse effects is to stop smoking and drinking. You can always divert your attention and engage in activities to consume time and take your mind off of these bad habits.