Dental Care’s Influence to Hippies

The society we now live in has been shaped by many tribulations and triumphs. The past definitely taught us a lot and awakened the minds of people to taking good care of ourselves and our surroundings. Even the hippy community participated in raising awareness of materialism and our harsh impact on the environment.

The hippies were the college kids in the 1960s-1970s who started the countercultural movement. This pushed through as a way of opposing the USA’s involvement in the Vietnam War. They also developed a distinct lifestyle as they forego being part of the middle-class society where materialism and repression abound. Hippies also have adopted a vegetarian diet, communal living, and practiced holistic medicine. They favored and advocated for peace thus popularized the phrase “make love, not war”. Many considered hallucinogenic drugs as their form of recreational activity. They also justify this as a way of expanding their consciousness.

Today, hippies have influenced our culture as seen on having a more open and relaxed attitude towards sex, a renewed concern for the environment, the lessening of formality & simple living.

The attitude toward dental care or oral care is a mixed reaction for people who practice simple living and environmental consciousness. These individuals have a completely different diet and eating habits than most Americans. While most of the population munch on bags of chips and unhealthy fast-food chains, they eat natural and plant-based foods. This is great not only for the body but for your dental and oral health.

Hippies find it hard to find the right oral care products because of their life beliefs and strong commitment on using products that will not harm the environment. Here are a few points that hippies prefer on their oral care products.

Natural Toothpaste. It is imperative for hippies that the ingredients of their toothpaste are all natural. The synthetic chemicals found in most toothpaste brands have little to do with cleaning and getting rid of bacteria and more of how it is going to taste and appear. They do want a toothpaste with natural ingredients with fluoride that gets rid of the plaque causing bacteria. They strongly believe that synthetic chemicals can affect ones’ health.  

Recyclable/Refillable Containers. Packaging and carbon footprint matters also are put into consideration in choosing dental care products. It harms the environment and people are unaware of the consistent accumulation of plastic and trash caused by tubes of toothpaste and other dental care products. It can be a real challenge to find products with refillable containers or packaging; but a slow and steady growth of environmentally conscious manufacturers are creating products that would satisfy their needs. They opt for refillable or recyclable packaging to lessen their carbon footprint.

No matter what lifestyle or way of living you adapt, it is important to take care of your dental and oral health needs. Oral hygiene and good dental habits will also help you prevent and avoid teeth damage.