Dental Care Tricks this Halloween

Children and adults alike look forward to celebrating Halloween. It’s that time of the year when kids dress up and run around with their scary costumes. Fun and excitement is definitely in the air especially when candies and chocolate treats fill up their bags and pockets as they go knocking on every house door.

Halloween can be a glorious day for many kids but it is not for their teeth and oral health. The overwhelming number of treats to choose from and the sheer amount of candies tend to make them consume more than their young bodies can handle. Their developing teeth are an easy target for bacteria that cause tooth decay and cavities. The urge to eat candy after candy can be really tempting and it is really up to the parents to educate; and let their kids know of the dangers of eating too much sugar.

Dental health is very important for growing children and without proper care Halloween can be any parent’s nightmare.  Simple dental problems left untreated could lead to gum diseases and other serious dental problems and health issues. Here are a few tricks to help kids save and protect their smiles this Halloween.

Set Candy Rules. Halloween can be a great time to let your kids learn how important dental health is and still let them have a great time celebrating it. Rules in eating candy can help your kids learn their limit. Not allowing children to eat treats can make them inclined to eat more later on in life. The rules should be explained to them to protect them and their health. It’s best that they understand that not following the rules could result to bad consequences.   

Candy Control. Parents should check the types and a number of candies that their children have after trick or treating. You can then segregate candies into packs that the kids can enjoy per day. This way, your kids would know that candy should be eaten in moderation.

Candy After Meals. You can give candies only after meals. This increases saliva production that help wash away acids.

Water. Teach and help them practice drinking water after eating sweet treats. Water help wash away food particles stuck in teeth that can later on cause tooth decay.

Cavities and Tooth Decay. Let the kids see pictures of tooth decay and plaque for visual references. Explain the cause and dangers of these dental health problems as early as possible. This way, they can have a better understanding and be more conscious of their eating habits.

Brushing. Start practicing good brushing routine every day especially on this day where candies and sweet treats abound especially before going to bed at night.

There are many ways to help kids prevent tooth decays and plaque after trick or treating. It mainly involves regulating their intake and instilling in their young minds the true importance of moderation and good dental health habits at a young age.