Detrimental Effects of Toothpaste

It won’t hurt if you try to exercise dental care. After all, it is the most effective avenue against dental problems. This preventive technique helps you fight and combat dental problems thru prevention. There’s no doubt why dentists find it as the most convenient, affordable and reliable source of having perfect smile, oral health and body.

However, there are cases wherein a certain dental care product works the other way. Instead of giving you healthful effects, it provides otherwise. One popular example is toothpaste.

Toothpaste is an infamous dental care material used to remove bacteria and other deposits that can cause dental plaques and other dental problems. Oral surgeons in Columbus OH categorized this product as one of the cleaning tools of your teeth. It can fight cavities because of its powerful and natural components, like fluoride. Apparently, toothpaste can be bad in some instances. Courtesy of other ingredients, like those with foaming ability, toothpaste can provide you with different undesirable effects.

Here are the different components you should watch out from toothpaste brand.

Indigotine is what makes toothpaste minty or fresh to taste. This specific dye ingredient also creates shades in toothpaste which is why most toothpaste brands nowadays are green and blue. Although all these can increase the appeal of toothpaste, indigotine’s effect might not as be fitting and healthful to some. According to experts, this dye ingredient can trigger allergies. Other instances may also involve chronic headaches and behavioural problems.

Triclosan is a compound that fights fungal infection and bacteria. It sounds healthy and beneficial for toothpaste ingredient but Environmental Protection Agency categorized this as one pesticide compound. This explains why most dentists right now discouraged consumers to use a brand of toothpaste that contains this component. Similar with indigotine, triclosan can trigger allergies. Majority of those suffer from this reaction are kids or children. In severe cases or instances, triclosan also contributes potential carcinogenic.

Sodium lauryl sulphate is an organic component that exists in different products, like shampoo, bathroom soap, candies and toothpaste. It is an effective foaming agent that helps toothpaste expands. Although such compound received accreditation and acceptance, there are cases wherein consumers experience irritation because of this additive. Aside from causing discomfort, this contributes to abdominal pain, diarrheal problem, difficulty of breathing and cancer.

Fluoride is a natural mineral that fight cavities. Dentists considered this as the most common ingredient of toothpaste. Aside from improving your breath and whitening your teeth, fluoride strengthens teeth. However, excessive consumption of this compound can cause discoloration of teeth. This can be extrinsic or intrinsic stain. A condition that involves stains because of fluoride is fluorosis.

Consumers should be cautious in choosing a dental care product. It pays to have a proper review on a certain product before buying. In choosing and using a perfect brand, your oral health will get what it deserves, and that is to stay strong and healthful. Even though you can find reliable recommendations from your loved ones, always remember that the most ideal suggestion is from your dentist.

A professional dentist is the person you can count on with your dental care regimen.